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ATX VGC is Austin Texas' local VGC Community.

Locals have always been an important part of the VGC Community, and ATX has sought to adapt the local experience for online.

ATX is made of up of folks well beyond Austin, as they strive to create an environment for new players to learn and existing players to grow their skillset through regular tournaments, weekly team building, and detailed team reports.

To find out more about ATX VGC check out their website at or join them live over!

If you're a VGC player looking for something fresh, try Daycare PokéCup!

We are a community dedicated to Little Cup VGC. We have our own custom ruleset adapted for VGC play. We implement a 365 BST benchmark, which means you cannot use anything above that number. We also play with a lv 50 format and you are allowed to Dynamax.

We have our own circuit, consisting of monthly tournaments and an end of season invitationals. We also hope to host Draft Leagues using our format as well some time in the future. Thank you for choosing us!

To find out more, join their discord here!

Australian VGC (AusVGC) is Australia's largest competitive Pokémon VGC community!

The AusVGC community boasts some of the top VGC players in Australia and is currently undergoing a revamp - setting to launch their social channels, along with a plethora of great online and in-person events from 2022 across Pokémon Sword and Shield and Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl.

To find out more, join their discord here!

Arcadex is your one stop for all things VGC data!

This handy site can do it all! Whether its showing you common leads on teams, helping you pick the best moves for your team, or the next big innovations in the meta, Arcadex can help you in all of your VGC journey, big or small!

To check out the site, click