Articles and Reports

Why Zygarde is Bad! (but you should still play the team!)

Carl has been working on this Zygarde team for a long time, and he's finally ready to share the finished product with you all! This team report will give you all the tips and tricks that it takes to pilot Zygarde effectively!

Surging to Victory - A VGC Journey!

Community member and fantastic player ZardiChar was kind enough to write up a team report for us about their Desafio Top 8 team, and give us a little insight into their history in VGC!

The Power of the Sun!

An Invitational Report

Rowan Hall is here with his Invitational winning team, and has been kind enough to share all his thoughts about the event and even has a wonderful video at the end!

Herdier and Shedinja! (and some others)

How I Placed in the top 250 of the 2022 April IC

KrebsVGC has been kind enough to share this write up on their super powered Series 12 team,

featuring some powerful classics and some cool new tools!